Our selection of stones & jewelry

At Lucky Stones we have the biggest collection of gemstones in Chiang Mai to the best prices: Most of our customers are regular customers who know that and keep coming back for years. So please don't mix us up with others who just try to make money - for us gemstones are a passion!


In our shop you will find:

  • Minerals & gems, semi precious stones, opal
  • Tumbled stones of different qualities
  • Silver jewelry with exceptional stones in own designs
  • Unusual stones
  • Extraordinary stones & specimen from all over the world
  • Minerals and stones from 48 countries

»Lucky Stones has the biggest selection of minerals & stones in Chiang Mai.«

Clear crystal and Amethyst

Citrine, Heliodor, Golden Topaze, petrified wood

Petrified wood

Agate slices, massage sticks, tumbled stones, Bornite, eggs

Carvings, spheres, Cabochons, beads, Silver 925 jewelry

Our minerals and stones are from many different countries. Allow us to list our stones: We sell Alexandrite, Andalusite, Axinite, Benitoite, Beryl, Aquamarine, Bixbite and Emerald. In Chiang Mai you can buy gemstones like Morganite, Bloodstone, Cassiterite, Celestite, Chrysoberyl or Cat's Eye. Our customers like Lucky Stones because we have a lot minerals and Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Clinohumite, Cordierite, Corundum, Ruby, Sapphire and Danburite. Very beautiful are our Diamond, Diopside, Dioptase, Dumortierite, Feldspar, Amazonite, Labradorite and Moonstone. Order gemstone online we sell to a good price Sunstone, Fluorite, Garnet, Hessonite, Hambergite, Hematite, Jade, Jadeite and Nephrite.